Friday, September 23, 2011

Page 003 by: Martin Brandt

Just as there is sky and those who fly among it, there is also ground and those who struggle to escape it. His name was Harad and his mind was unlike any in his village. Inside his head grand designs would flutter about much like the Nagari Flutters that frequented the flowering plants near his home. That night Harad had fallen asleep at his workshop, having just completed his recent invention.

Harad has spent his entire life trying to surmount problems his people took as impossible. His latest endeavor was flight, a set of wings attached to the user’s back. His family had asked him to keep quiet of such nonsense, saying it was not only impossible, it was forbidden. Harad would not be stopped. He would help his people rise above their fears and superstitions. He knew there was something out there beyond the murky depths of the sky.

This fateful day was not at all what he expected for as he set out to test his invention he was confronted by the village elders.

“Harad, son of Darrak, son of Himmand, Descendant of Garad.” Spoke the ancient elder folk.
“I am.” Harad gulped.
“What is this thing?” The smallest of the elders pointed a finger to the folded wings.
“What are you planning this time Harad? Do you wish to further shame your people?” added the next Elder.
“Further shame your family?” finished the last elder.
“I do no such thing, I will bring honor by conquering irrational fear.” Harad replied.

With that he extended the full span of the wings on his back, the elders cringed and people in their doors gasped and begin whisper.

“I am Harad, Descendant of Garad!” he called out, “I shall prove to you all there is nothing to…”
Several large villagers with spears arrived then cutting his triumph short.
“…fear?” Harad swallowed hard.
“Banishment!” The elders called out in chorus.

Head hung low, wings hanging limp, Harad sulked away as he was escorted by the village guards. Behind him the elders continued to call out, it was clear he would never be accepted here again.

Well, unless he could prove to them all wrong. With that thought a twinkle returned to his eye even as he sighed. 

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